i've moved

to where?

if u r smart enough

u will find out.


Male Organ

Question: Ms America, how do you describe a male organ in your country?
Ms America: Well, I can say that male organs in Americaare like gentlemen.
Question: How can you say so?
Ms America: Because it stands every time it sees a woman......

Question: Ms Spain, how do you describe a male organ in your country?
Ms Spain: Male organs in our country are like our very own Bullfight or Toro(Bull)
Question: How can you say so?
Ms Spain: Because it charges every time it sees an opening.
(Applause! Applause !)

Question: Ms Philippines, how do you describe a male organ in your country?
Ms Philippines: Well, I can say that male organs in our country are like gossip or rumors.
Question: How can you say so?
Ms Philippines: Because it passes from mouth to mouth.
(Applause!Applause! Standing Ovation! Applause! Applause!)

Question: Ms Iran, how do you describe a male organ in your Country?
Ms Iran: Well, I can say that male organs in Iranare like thieves.
Question: How can you say so?
Ms I ran: Because they like to enter through the back door.
(Applause!Applause! Laughter! Laughter! Applause! Applause!)

Question: Ms India, how do you describe a male organ in your country?
Ms India: Well, I can say the male organs in Indiaare like labourers.
Question: How can you say so?
Ms India: Because it works day and night......
(Applause!Applause! Applause! Applause! Applause! Applause! Applause!)

Question: Ms Malaysia, how do you describe a male organ in your country?
Ms Malaysia: Well, I can say that Male Organs in Malaysiaare like Proton car.
Question: How can you say so?
Ms Malaysia: Look tough but actually very soft.
(Applause!Applause! Laughter! Laughter! Applause! Applause!)

Question: Ms Singapore,how do you describe a male organ in your country?
Ms Singapore: Well, I can say that male organ In Singapore is very Kiasu (Afraid to lose).
Question: How can you say so?
Ms Singapore: It always wants to rush in quick and leave 15 minutes before the show is over.
(Applause! Applause! Applause! Applause! Applause! Applause! Applause!)

Question: Ms China, how do you describe a male organ in your country?
Ms China: Well, I can say that Male Organs in Chinaare like Deng Siu Ping.
Question: How can you say so?
Ms China: Short and hard working, but can work until 90.
(Applause!Applause! Laughter! Laughter! Applause! Applause!)

Dont's Waste Your Time

Daniel: I guess we are the left overs in this world.

Jasmine: I think so.. All of my friends have boyfriends & we are the only 2
persons left in this world without any special someone in our lives.

Daniel: Yup! I don't know what to do.

Jasmine: I know! We'll play a game.

Daniel: What game?

Jasmine: I'll be your girlfriend for 30 days & you will be my boyfriend.

Daniel: That's a great plan in fact, I don't have anything to do for the
following weeks..

DAY 1:

They watched their first movie together & were both touched in the romantic film.

DAY 4:

They went to the beach & had a picnic... Daniel & Jasmine had their quality time together.

DAY 12:

Daniel invited Jasmine to a circus and they went to a Horror House.. Jasmine was scared and she tried to touch Daniel's hand but by accident she touched someone else's and they both laughed..

DAY 14:

They saw a fortune teller down the road and asked for their future. The
fortune teller said: 'My darlings, please don't waste the time of your lives... spend your time together happily.' Then tears flow from the teller's eyes.

DAY 20:

Jasmine invited Daniel to go to the hill and they saw a meteor... Jasmine mumbled something.

DAY 28:

They rode on a bus and because of the bumpy road, Jasmine gave her first kiss to Daniel by accident.

DAY 29:

11:37 pm

Daniel & Jasmine were sitting in the park where they first decided to play this game...

Daniel: I'm tired Jasmine... do you want any drinks? I'll buy you one.. I'll just go down the road..

Jasmine: Apple juice would be fine,thanks.

Daniel: Wait for me...

20 minutes later... a stranger approached Jasmine.

Stranger: Are you a friend of Daniel?

Jasmine: Yes, why? What happened?

Stranger: A reckless drunken driver ran over Daniel & he is critical in the hospital.


The doctor came out from the emergency room & handed out an apple juice & a letter to Jasmine.

Doctor: We found this in Daniel's pocket.

Jasmine read the letter which says:

Jasmine, this past few days, I realized you are really a cute girl & I am falling for you.. your cherished smile, your everything when we played this game.. & before this game ends, I would like you to be my girlfriend for the rest of my
life. I love you, Jasmine...

Jasmine crumples the paper & shouted..

'Daniel! I don't want you to die...I love you... Remember that night we saw a meteor? I mumbled something.. I wished that we would be together forever & never end this game. Please don't leave me, Daniel... I love you, you cannot do this to me

Then the clock strikes 12

Daniel's heart stop pumping


i'm still...

... in office. finish shift at 10.30pm. now is 12.15 midnite.

i dont want to go home.

i want to look for a place to stay...

before i lost my mind...

Peaceful Sunday

Ystd really walk until my legs numb eh…

Woke up by my dearest W’s text msg. She was asking me to wake up and I was still lazing on the bed refuse to wake up. She kept reminding me I have errands to do but I still refuse to wake up. :P
But at the end I still wake up la. Cos I really got things to do.

But… I’m really too damn good at dilly dallying lor.

I woke up at about 12 or 1pm… (I think). Went online a while with Facebook a little, Restaurant City a bit, chat a little, text with baby a lot… :D
Before I know it, it is alre 3pm. :P

So off I went for my bath and dress up. :P

Settle my MPC bills and my car loan and headed towards The Curve. Parking was easy despite it’s a Sunday and it is pack with people. But I manage to find parking within 5 mins. Sweet. :)

Went walking around flea market. AndmyI hand was really really itchy till I can just buy at least one stuff at each stall. T_T
Anywaysss, bought the bag organizer that my colleague wanted. :)
Btw, this bag organizer thingie is really great for people like me and my colleague who loves to carry big bags. You know how your things tend to get so messy in your bag and u don’t know how to find tiny things till u need to pour out everything in order to get that ONE thing that u were looking for? This bag organizer thing actually fits your bag, doesn’t matter if your bag is smaller cos it is adjustable.

These are my stuffs in my bag. and it is just part of it. :P and yes. i bring coffee everywhere i go. :D

this part is where u wanna put things that cant be seen...

this can be bought at The Curve's flea market. the stalls are rotating. so walk around and hunt for it if u r interested. :)

After getting the bag organizer, headed towards Cineleisure. At 1st I wanted to buy advance tickets but unfortunately not available. So I went Juice Works and got their Cookies and Crème as meal replacement. It’s actually filling eh and delicious too.

Went to IKEA to get those transparent shoe boxes. I have to get those. All my shoes are well kept in boxes by my lovable grandma, which most of the time I don’t know where is it placed. So I need to raise my voice a bit (she got hearing problem wan ok. Not I did it on purpose) whenever I was seeking for my shoe. And bought something else. :P

After that, I wonder around killing time to meet big cow for dinner. After dinner, balik, online lagi… sleep.

OMG! Crabs!

Grabbed this from Nicholas Chia.


Die la... Rebecca Bloomwood disease is back.

Tmrw I’m going to The Curve!

Need to buy the bag organizer for my colleague. 2 some more!

Den need to go Daiso. Why? Er… It’s a MUST TO everytime I’m in The Curve.

Go Papier and buy more tools and papers. :D

Wonder around IKEA and see got things to buy or not. Oh… Meatballs! *slurps*

*Preparing a list on WHAT TO BUY*


"When I shop the world gets better, the world is better; and then it's not anymore and I have to do it again"


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